48, female, from Queretaro (MX)

Designed by Geninne


Geninne is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, living in the outskirts of the beautiful colonial city of Queretaro, Mexico with her husband Manolo, their two very creative boys & a cute border collie puppy named Turbo. She was born in New York, but shortly after her parents began traveling around South America, where she lived in seven different countries and went to several English speaking schools. She studied architecture in Chile for a couple of years before graduating as a graphic artist in Mexico. She works in a variety of media, including watercolor, ink, and pencil. She sews, embroiders, loves to hand carve rubber stamps and sells prints of her watercolors at her online Etsy Shop. She loves birds, flowers, and has been taking photos since she was 15 years old. Visit her blog at


Veronca from Texas - 4 years ago

Because I get inpired looking at her beautiful work.

fiona from uk - 4 years ago

I have just recieved my Cyanobird Pillow Cover and I am totally over the moon with it, its stunning and such good quality, thank you from the bottom of my heart X

Lana Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro - 5 years ago

Geninne, You just made my day, and month, and possibly year. I am a third grade teacher at an international school in Rio de Janeiro. I am planning our next art unit and it is about making repeated print patterns. In the past the kids used string and glued it to a wood block and the results were not very inspiring. I was surfing the web to try to find a new idea and discovered carving erasers for the first time!! so awesome. I have a few questions if that's ok. I am also a mom of 2 boys, so I know it is hard to find the time to email etc. Would it be ok if I used your tutorial to show my students? Also, I am wondering if Brasil is going to have similar supplies. Were you able to find them in Mexico? Last, I will have my students try out their own drawings, but I would also like to provide them with some possible simple images and carbon paper. I googled various things without much luck. Do you happen to have any suggestions. It's pretty easy to find girlie images like flowers and butterflies, but I don't think my boy students will feel to inspired by that...
thank you so much for your various sites. Your work really made me happy to look at.

martha from aguscalientes,mexico - 5 years ago

porque sabe utilizar la combinacion de los colores, que dan vida y alegria.,

Vanessa Lima de Medeiros from Canoas (Brazil) - 5 years ago

Lovely work, "Cyanobird" is simply stunning!

Iracema Lemos from Salvador-Bahia-Brasil - 5 years ago


Bibi from Santander Spain - 5 years ago

She is the artist I would like to be.....

Scarlett from Florida - 5 years ago

She is the best!! She is talented in so many areas, it hard to pick which medium she's best at ...I love her variety.

jamie from Canada - 5 years ago

Her designs are so colorful and happy! I love her unique combinations of subjects.

Diana Giambrone from Folsom, California - 5 years ago


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