31, female, from LILLE (FR)

Designed by audbo


Around an axis where the metamorphosis of the images remits in the participation of the reader, I wanted to work on a creative poetry close to a dream, where things and characters exchange together.The principle is to multiply the stories by manipulating pictures that I propose. It is this graphic mobility which interests me.

My artwork was published in the magazine ÉTAPES: (No. 161) and including the magazine Contemporains (jan.09). I've then joined in February Display#4 to the Naço Gallery (Paris).


Aixa Martinez from Barcelona (Spain) - 4 years ago

Hello audbo,
I'm looking for a letter I and X from your pillows envelopes but I cant find it. Do you have these letters?
I want to buy 2xA, 1xX and 1xI to complete my name "AIXA" :)

Thank you

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