39, female, from Arco (IT)

Designed by AtelierGilet


My name is Nadia. I was born in the lovely town of Arco (Italy) in 1977.

I spent my childhood in the countryside: there, devouring books and fruits of the campaign on my favourite olive tree, I grew up and, with me, grew a pressing call to everything concerning art, illustration and artistic techniques.

That enchanting places, sensations and sounds live in the deep of my heart, where I still can hear my granfather reproaching my clumsy attempts to dig the vineyard or to collect carrots: "No te ghè gilet!", that sounds like "You don't have the right vest for doing that!"

After diploma, I studied history of art at Ravenna University, where I turned my childhood passion for comics and illustrations into the main subject of my research, graduating with a thesis on medieval illumination. From 2003 I work as librarian and art historian.

Along with my partner and our beagle, I decided to set up a little workshop in a corner of our house, AtelierGilet, where you will find a variety of original illustrations to make everyday life more pleasant, fun and full of imagination.

Welcome and enjoy!


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