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Why work with Envelop? (1 topic)

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ENGLISH /// Feel free to use our free templates to transform your existing or new graphics into exclusive textile items, which you can promote and sell in your own shop on

As a member, you remain 100% owner of the intellectual rights of your original design.

So, why work with Envelop? Besides the fun, 4 good reasons:

A. Get your own Envelop Designer Shop which will feature your designs only,

B. Promote your shop by using your unique URL,,

C. Earn every time a textile item from your shop gets sold,

D. Show your vision on (textile)design to a diverse crowd of professionals in graphic design, advertising, fashion, architecture and interior design.

Visit our Designer Area and learn how fellow designers work with us.


FRANCAIS /// Utilise nos patrons Photoshop pour transformer tes graphismes nouvelles ou existantes en des objets textiles exclusives, lesquelles tu pourrais favoriser et vendre dans ton propre coin sur

Chaque membre reste toujours propriétaire de ses droits intellectuelles.

Pourqoui collaborer avec Envelop? 4 bonnes raisons:

A. Obtiens ton propre point de vente sur Envelop, qui contient que tes propres créations,

B. Favoris ton coin personel en utilisant ton propre URL,,

C. Gagnes chaque fois un de tes créations se vend,

D. Présentes tes idées à une publique diverse de professionels du monde graphiste, de publicité, de la mode, et de l’architecture. 

Visites notre Zone Designer et apprends comment des collegues travaillent avec nous.


ITALIANO /// Utilizza I nostri template Photoshop gratuiti per trasformare la tua grafica nuova o esistente in stampe su tessute esclusive, che puoi promuovere e vendere sul tuo negozio su 

In ogni caso rimani al 100% proprietario dei diritti d’autore sul disegno originale. 

Perché lavorare con Envelop? Oltre al divertimento, esistono 4 buone ragioni:

A. Ricevi il Negozio di Disegni Envelop su cui appariranno soltanto i tuoi disegni;

B. Promuovi il tuo Negozio utilizzando il tuo URL unico,;

C. Guadagni ogni volta che una stampa su tessuto è venduta sul Negozio;

D. Esibisci il tuo disegno (su tessuto) a una vasta cerchia di destinatari; professionisti in graphic design, pubblicità, moda, architettura e interior design.

Visita la nostra Area Design e scopri come gli altri designer lavorano con noi.


ESPANOL /// Utilice nuestros patrones Photoshop gratuitos para transformar sus diseños gráficos, nuevos o ya existentes, en productos textiles exclusivos, que puede promocionar y vender en su propia tienda en

En los dos casos, Usted queda en 100% el propietario de los derechos intelectuales de su diseño original.

Por qué trabajar con Envelop? Además del placer, hay 4 buenas razones:

A. Obtenga su propia tienda en Envelop, que contiene exclusivamente sus creaciones personales,

B. Promocione esta tienda personal utilizando su URL personal,,

C. Gane cada vez que se vende un producto de su tienda,

D. Muestre su ideas a un público muy diverso de profesionales del mundo gráfico, de la publicidad, de la moda y de la arquitectura.

Visite nuestra Zona Diseñador y aprenda más en la manera en que otros diseñadores trabajan con nostros.




Toolboxes (6 topics)

What’s a Toolbox?

A Toolbox is a free, downloadable .zip-file. It contains all the necessary elements to easily create Envelop textile items and previews. It features:

- enveloptemp_type.psd: a Template-file (Adobe Photoshop) to customize,

- envelopmock_type: a MockUp-file (JPEG) to create a standardized preview with,

- envelopcomp_type: a Components-file (Adobe Photoshop) to easily edit the MockUp-file 

- enveloptxt_type.pdf: a checklist (PDF) that helps you to generate a clean submission.


Is downloading Toolboxes secure?



How do I download a Toolbox?

Go to Design, than click Templates. Choose the item you’d like to design, than click the Download-button that’s beside the item’s picture.


I’ve saved the files of the Toolbox, but I can’t open them. What’s wrong?

Be sure to have installed the right version of Adobe Photoshop. Our files are compatible with all versions since CS2 (2006).

Anyhow, don't hesitate to report the problem at


Does the content of a Toolbox gets updated regularely?

No. Once a toolbox is launched, it won’t be modified or replaced by a newer version.


Does Envelop contact me if they launch a new product, featuring a new toolbox?

Yes, you will be warned on your account’s email address.


Content and intellectual property (9 topics)

What is acceptable content? What can and can’t be designed? 

Please do not upload inappropriate content, such as things that are obscene, violent, harmful, offensive, discriminatory, or illegal etc. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of anything submitted to Envelop and remove without notice any items that fail to comply with these policies.

Please see the Supplier Agreement and our Terms Of Use for a full description of acceptable content.


What can you tell me about Copyrights & Trademarks?

We take intellectual property very serious. We hope you do it too.

A. Copyright means that you're only allowed to submit work "that you have created yourself from original elements". Also, you may not use content or elements that is similar to someone else’s.

You shoud be aware of the fact that most works are protected by copyright law - even if they do not have a copyright notice! Therefore, you need to obtain permission to use any material that you did not create yourself.

Also, do not use images of celebrities or corporate products, trademarks, images, text, or designs copy-pasted from the internet without a written permission from the owner of that content.

B. A trademark is a "distinctive word, phrase, logo, domain name, graphic symbol, slogan, or other device that is used to identify the source of a product and to distinguish a manufacturer's or merchant's products from others." E.g. the Envelop word ànd logo are trademarks.

For more information, please visit the European Copyright Office

and the World Intellectual Property Organization



Can I use photographs?

Yes and no. Although our printing procedure handles photoprinting easily, we've decided to focus mainly on illustrative work.

It's a thin line. (Edited) photographs combined with graphical components are welcome - uninspired pet/family/holiday-related pictures are certainly not, unless you give us a very good reason to post it anyhow.

In any case, it will be up to our review team to give it a go or not.


Can I use slogans or text?

Yes and no. We think slogans don’t really fit the concept and might be more appropriate for printed t-shirts. Moreover, often they’re stolen, not original at all, or propagandaesque.

Bottomline: additional text accompanying your graphics is allowed, as long as the drawing is the most important part of the design, and as long as the text is written in English - to be sure everyone (including Envelop) understands what's written.


Can I get my name or brand printed on the article?

Yes you can. Only you decide what’s going to be viewable on the product’s surface.

Also remember that the inner label will feature your name and website. Find out more.


What’s a Collection?

A collection is a set of articles that aesthetically form a unit (e.g. a tablerunner, a placemat and a napkin): all items feature the same color scheme, graphic language or theme. We strongly advice contributing designers to design Collections, as customers often like these kind of items to be assorted.

When submitting a design using the upload form, you can add a new Collection Title, or choose from a list featuring all your current collections.


Do I lose ownership of my original images when I upload them to Envelop?

No. You are not transferring ownership of your artwork to Envelop.

By submitting content to Envelop, you only are granting us a non-exclusive license to produce your image for an Envelop product. Please read our Supplier Agreement for more detailed information.


Who owns the intellectual property of the images visible on the site?

Envelop owns:

- all mockup images you've created, which means all images you made using one of the envelopcomp_type.psd or envelopmock_type.jpg files.

- your Envelop-avatar (the avatar itself, not the image you used for creating the avatar).

We need the rights on these images for a decent promotion of this project - something you too take advantage of.


You remain owner of:

- all graphic content you used to create the customized template.

- the customized template,

- all additional previews, apart from the mockup-images.


Will my copyrighted images be safe? What does Envelop do to protect them?

Sadly, we don't have any special powers to prevent your aditional images from being stolen or copypasted from the site.

If you're convinced this might help, feel free to add copyright notices on your additional previews, or to watermark them. Just be sure this doens't harm the commercial potential of your drawings. 


Technical Info (12 topics)

What is a Print-Ready File?

A Print-Ready File is one of our Photoshop-templates (you extracted from a Envelop Toolbox) that you subsequently customized with your own graphics. It's in focus and free from artefacts.

We are selling textile articles featuring your designs and we want your customers to receive the highest quality prints available. We can only do this if you upload the largest quality file possible. 


What are the basics I need to know about creating Print-Ready Files?

Creating a Print-Ready File is pretty easy. All basics are written in a handout-.pdf that's embedded in the Toolbox.


What size can I make my prints?

The size of your print is limited by the size of the template you’re working with. Every template stands for a single product.


About file formats

We only accept files that are uploaded in JPEG-format. Moreover, all preview-files (mockups and additional images) should be smaller than 300 Kb - which is necessary for a smooth presentation on the site.


What colour profiles does Envelop use?

Envelop utilizes a fully color managed environment. This means that all of our output devices -including monitors, printers, and print media, are properly calibrated and profiled. If you embed an ICC profile into your images, then we will be able to accurately reproduce your images, true to the original file's color. Whether you work in the sRGB color space or AdobeRGB(1998), just be sure that your file includes that information.


What is the best software to create my design so I can submit it to your site?

We don’t do recommendations regarding software. Only our templates are provided in a Adobe Photoshop-format, but you’re free to create and customize them with any software you like.


Can I send in my original art?

We don’t digitalize original art – there are plenty of reliable scanning services around that will provide you excellent scans of your original artwork.


Can I send in my designs on CDs or DVDs?

No. If you don’t succeed uploading your files online, please consult our Upload FAQ section below, or send an email to


Do you provide fabric samples?

No, we don’t.


Upload  (5 topics)

Can I change a file I uploaded without having to remove it, and then re-upload?

No, you can’t. Our removal policy states that, once you’ve submitted a design and it passed trough our evaluation, it will be available in the shop for at least 6 weeks.

If you decide to remove it, the item's Product Page will state the Expiration Date that it actually will be removed from the shops. This buffer gives customer the opportunity to still buy the item during this 6-week period, and not to be surprised/disappointed by a sudden ‘out of stock’.

An indication on the thumbnail will show a 'Soon expiring' mark.


Are there file size limitations for uploading the Print-Ready Image?

Yes. We want you to upload the highest quality file that you have, but be sure to limit it to 10Mb. Please note that larger files can take a longer time to upload. 

Note that all preview files should be smaller than 300 Kb.

Do I upload all required files at a time?

Yes. If you forget to upload a required file, the form will indicate this and will not complete your submission. Same for required fields.

I’m having trouble uploading images. What do I do?

Be sure you've uploaded only file having a JPEG-format. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us at


How do I upload images to my designer corner?

If your submission was accepted, you will receive an Approval message and your design will be automatically added to your Designer Shop. You don't have to submit it twice.



Review procedure (5 topics)

Do you decline submissions?

Yes we do. The reasons for declining uplaods can be technical as well as content related. 



How long will it take for my textile design(s) to be reviewed?

Allow our team 48h to review your submission. We check the Print-Ready Files, the Preview Files and of course the content of your design. After that, there are 3 possible scenarios:

1. You receive a Design Approval message - the submission was accepted;

2. You receive a Design Decline message - the submission unfortunately was not accepted due to a content-related issue, further explained in the decline mail;

3. You don't receive a message - the submission unfortunately was not accepted due to a technical issue.

Learn more about our Design Decline policy here.


Ok, so I didn't receive any message at all after 48hrs. What now?

Apparently your submission was not accepted because of a technical issue. This might seem a bit unpleasant, but we're pretty confident you'll be able to easily find and fix the problem(s) yourself.

This page shows a list of common technical mistakes that are sometimes made by fellow Envelop members while submitting textiles designs. Please check them very carefully, one by one. Are you really sure your files meet all the requirements mentioned on that page?

If you've found the error(s) that caused the decline, please correct your files and make a brand new submission. You don't have to edit your old submission, we'll take care of that one.

Hm, I received a Decline message. What now?

Sometimes we have to refuse submission because of content issues, even if the file is technically 100% correct. In that case, you will receive a decline email stating the exact reason for non-approval.

Here you find the list of our content-related decline reasons, five little rules to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, you can't resubmit the same design after it's declined for content reasons. Of course you can edit it with the above topics in mind, and then resubmit it. Sure that's okay. 


Cool, I received an Approval message. How long will it take for my textiles to go live?

Immediately after you've received our Approval message, your items are added to the shops.