28 February 2011

As from tomorrow 03.01, our shopwindow will be replaced by a new theme.

The christmassy triangle-based designs have done their jobs very well.

But although we say goodbye to our mountains, pines and pyramids,

We will always love your cardigan, Frank!



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By Rishabh 12/07/14 (3 years ago)

I've been a Zappa fan since 1970, when a neighbor who had a firned who worked at Warner-Reprise gave me the OCTOBER 19TH, 1969 and ZAPPED sampler albums as gifts, with Peaches En Regalia and Willie The Pimp on each respective LP. Zappa put out oodles of great music before and after HOT RATS, but that album really seemed to allow Zappa to let loose in a way he rarely ever did again (an exception being the title track of APOSTROPHE, with FZ, Jack Bruce and Jim Gordon blasting merrilly away). Related question: FZ was listed as arranger of All Night Long and The Other Side Of This Life on The Animals' ANIMALISM album. Judging by the guitar work on the former tune, I wouldn't be surprised if Frank is the soloist on that track. Confirmations from anyone, please?Parting shot: Jeff Simmons' LUCILLE HAS MESSED MY MIND UP is on CD from Collectors' Choice. Get it, and not just fot the supercool Zappa guitar on the title track. The whole album is great, and has the original version of WONDERFUL WINO, six years before FZ redid it on ZOOT ALLURES.

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